Filmic Pro v7.3.2 MOD APK (With Cinematographer Kit)

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FIlmic pro mod apk
Apk NameFilmic Pro Mod Apk
DeveloperFilmic Inc.
Latest VersionMay 5, 2023
Official StoreGoogle Play Store
Last UpdatedMay 5,2023
ModPremium Unlocked
Compatible withAndroid 9.0+
Released onDec 23, 2015

Have you ever wished to experience professional camera features on your mobile? The Filmic Pro apk is built for those who want to experience real camera features on their mobile phones. It Allows you to capture the highest video quality possible on your mobile phone. Download Filmic Pro Mod Apk to capture your phone’s high-quality photos and videos.

Used in High-Profile Video Projects

Many award-winner directors use the Filmic Pro Mod for their high-quality video projects. This application is used for most of the videos of famous songs. Many vloggers and Film Makers use it to enhance their videography. Filmic Pro is the ultimate video shooting, photography, and Editing App for video and photographers.

List of a Few song videos captured with the help of Filmic Pro Mod Apk

  • A Good Night – John Legend music video
  • Lose You to Love Me – Selena Gomez
  • Tangerine – Sean Baker

Filmic Pro Mod Apk Features:

Filmic Pro has many professional features for vloggers, video directors, editors, and other content creators. These features can be used to get your desired videography. Below is the list of some of the best features of Filmic pro mod apk.

Dedicated Focus Mod To Get More Cleare image for a specific object.

Filmic Pro mod apk launches its new features, allowing you to focus on any specific project or part of the video. It will blur the remaining objects in the video except the focused one. This is such an amazing feature for those who are doing product photography or videography. Because in product videography you always want to blur other things except for the product so the Filmic Pro can help you to do this with just one click. This feature can also be used to capture normal videos and photos where we want to focus on any specific object.

Record Your Videos at the Best Frame Rates with Filmic Pro Apk

The Filmic Pro Mod apk allows you to capture videos at the best frame rates according to your device. The Filmic Pro can record videos from 30 fps to 480 fps depending on your device.

Easy-to-Use Video Camera App

The use of Filmic Pro mod apk is as simple as using the normal mobile camera. The difference is that Filmic Pro Mod apk has some extra features that your normal mobile camera doesn’t have. The Filmic Pro mod has an easy-to-use interface that helps users easily capture videos and photos.

Log and Flat Gamma Curves

The Filmic Pro offers users to use log and flam gamma curves when recording a video. These gamma curves allow users to capture video with a wider dynamic range, with this feature more details can be captured in both the bright and dark areas of the video. This feature can be helpful when shooting in contrast or bright background.

Advanced Audio Controls for Manual input

Filmic Pro apk offers its users to record high-quality audio along with video. One of the key audio features of Filmic Pro is the ability to record audio from external sources such as microphones. It also gives you manual control over audio quality. You can change pitch and remove background noise from the audio features of Filmic Pro apk.

Slow and Fast Motion Features

The slow and fast Motion features of Filmic Pro are used for adjusting the speed of a video. This can be used to create cinematic effects in a video. The Slow and Fast Motion FX feature in Filmic Pro is easy to use, with a simple slider that allows users to adjust the speed of their videos.

Image Stabilization

Most mobile cameras are not much good in video/image stabilization But the Filmic Pro Mod apk solves all stabilization issues. Image stabilization is an important factor to create high-quality videos or images. That’s why the all best cameras have good image stabilization. This feature is useful for filmmakers, journalists, videographers, or someone who needs to capture high-quality footage.

8 Aspect Ratios Including Widescreen

Trying to customize the video dimensions on your normal phone camera but failed? now the FIlmic Pro Mod apk allows users to customize their photos and video dimensions. You can select the ratio of any video of your choice. If you want to create short and vertical videos you can choose the ratio according to your need. The best thing about FIlmic Pro is that you can change the video’s ratio even after the video is recorded.

Mod Features of Filmic Pro Apk

  • Premium Unlocked
  • No in-app purchase
  • Unlimited Premium Feature free
  • No-Ads

Download Filmic Pro APK – With Cinematographer Kit

Get manual control of your camera with the Filmic Pro. This application gives you great control over all of the camera features.  You can manage both audio and video. The best thing about Filmic Pro mod apk is that it comes with the cinematographer kit which is used to create dramatic and cinematic scenes in a video. 

NOTE! The cinematographer Kit is a paid feature in Filmic Pro but you can get it for free in the Mod Apk

How To install Filmic pro-Mod Apk?

First of all, you need to download the Filmic Pro Mod apk by clicking on the download button above. After that follow the steps below for the installation.

  • Go to the file manager of your mobile and find the downloaded Filmic Pro 
  • Click on it, it will ask you for some permissions allow all the permissions
  • Now the Filmic Pro is installed on your device, start capturing your favorite moments

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