Disposable Camera- Old Roll APK + Mod v4.2.9.1

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Oldroll Mod apk
Apk Name OldRoll Mod Apk
Category Photography
Developer accordion
Latest Version
Size 124 MB
Official Store Google Play Store
Last Updated May, 2023
Mod Premium Unlocked
Compatible with Android 5.0 and up
Downloads 5M+
Released on Aug 28, 2020

Old roll mod apk is a modern type of camera with old functionalities. it is a disposable camera offered by an accordion. It can be used to take 90’s camera-type pictures. often we see movies and we love the old culture of the 80s. We like old movie cameras and photography. So this is the perfect app if you like to take aesthetic and 80s-type pictures.

Oldroll mod apk introduction

There are many photography apps that we use to edit our photos. these all have similar features and effects. On the other hand oldroll mod apk is a decent kind of photography app that let you capture old vintage photos with a built-in camera feature of the 80th century.

If you’re looking for a long-term photography app the oldroll mod apk is one of those apps which can capture your photos and can be very useful all the time. It can be used to capture nature in an aesthetic style or can be also used to capture selfies.

OldRoll apk Features:

Art Photo Frames

In the oldroll apk, you can capture images that will be automatically converted to art. The art frame feature is used to get the artistic look of any image. You can sue  Polaroid INS P filter for art photos. 

Food Photography

The old roll camera also supports the vintage feature which let you select the color of your image. The loop texture is often used to take images of foods and dishes. This feature is best for those who want to take pictures of their food and want to publish these on social media.

Take Aesthetic Photos

If you’re someone who wants to take selfies with your friends or on romantic dates this app is best for you. It can help you capture aesthetic selfies of yourself or photos of nature.

Old user interface

This app is specially designed for those who want to check what the 1980s camera looks like. The user interface is clean and quick similar to the old analog cameras. Whenever someone takes a selfie it prints it and makes the same noise as Nikon FA. this user interface is easy to watch movies, take selfies and save them to mobile

Share on Social Media

Old roll mod apk has the feature of online sharing which enables you to share your photos directly to your social media. You can only share the photos taken by the oldroll mod apk.

Oldroll Mod Features

  • No Ads

While using the oldroll app sometimes you want to capture a photo but before capturing an image you have to watch an ad that is so irritating. Old roll mod apk is modified and ad-free which means you don’t have to watch any ad while capturing the photos

  • Unlimited effects

A lot of people face the problem of limited effects in the oldroll apk. That’s why the Oldroll pro mod apk offers unlimited effects. You can use all the effects for free in the oldroll pro camera.

  • Unlimited filters

You can’t get your desired results with limited access to features. The oldroll official app offers only a few filters in the free version. You need to pay an extra amount to get more filters. The oldroll mod apk is 100% free and it has all the premium filters for free which you can use to edit your photos

  • No in-app purchasing

There is no need to purchase anything in the mod and the unlocked version of the Oldroll Mod Apk because all the pro features are free in the mod apk. therefore the in-app purchasing feature is not available in the oldroll pro apk

  • No login details are required

You don’t need any login details to capture photos in the oldroll mod apk. All you need to do is just download the app from our website, install it and start using its amazing features

It is Not a Photo or video editor

A lot of people think that the oldroll mod apk is a photo enhancer but it is not a photo editor or video editor. it is a disposable camera that allows people to take aesthetic pictures. It uses retro and vintage effects and lenses to capture aesthetic and old 80s types of photos.

How To download and install Oldroll Mod Apk?

  1. Click on the download link above to download the oldroll mod apk 
  2. The app will be downloaded to your device in a few minutes
  3.  Now Go to the file manager of your device and find the oldroll mod apk 
  4. Click on the app and Allow access from unknown sources
  5. Now follow the package installer to install oldroll mod apk 

How to Use Oldroll Mod Apk?

  • Open the app that you just downloaded from apkdeck.com
  • The first page will open a camera you can use this camera to capture pictures
  • At the bottom of this camera, the features and camera filters are showing 
  • You can use these filters and cameras to check which one works best for you 
  • Just capture the picture and it will autosave to your device. You don’t need to save it manually

Yes, it is the latest version v4.2.9.1 of the Oldroll mod Apk.

Yes, the oldroll premium apk has unlimited filters which you can use to capture better photos

This is the modified version of the oldroll mod apk and it has all premium features.  You don’t need to login access because it has all the premium features for free

Yes, it is 100% safe and secures to download Remini or any other app from apkdeck

No, it is not a photo editor. Oldroll pro mod apk is just a disposable camera

No, you can’t edit photos as it doesn’t have any photo editing feature

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