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Android Version
4.4 and up

Vidmate apk download Old Version is an easy way to download videos and songs on your phone. Check out Vidmate Old Version Apk. Beyond just videos, it lets you grab your favorite tunes too. The best part? Vidmate supports downloads from tons of sites – over 1,000 to be exact. This includes popular ones like YouTube, Facebook, and even platforms like Vine and TikTok. For all your media needs, Vidmate is a solid choice.

Vidmate apk download Old Version



About Vidmate Old Version Apk

Vidmate Old Version Apk is more than just a video app; it’s a favorite for many. Why? It offers users all its prime features for free. That means you get the best of Vidmate without spending a penny. Vidmate isn’t just any app; it’s your one-stop for entertainment. Love movies, live events, or TV shows? Vidmate is the app for you. With its booming 10,000+ downloads, it’s safe to say it’s a big hit, especially among the Indian audience. One of the biggest perks? Users can stream a variety of shows and then download them for offline viewing. And no worries about language barriers; Vidmate caters to diverse linguistic preferences. Using the app is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly design. Vidmate might have started in India, but its content is truly worldwide. Its growing number of downloads and positive feedback speaks volumes about its quality. Ready for the best bit? You can get it for free online. Remember that some of its top-tier features come at a slight cost. A standout feature? The modified Vidmate version is ad-free! So, you can enjoy uninterrupted entertainment. This mod version is why so many users rave about Vidmate

Vidmate Old Version Apk Features 

Free Unlimited Downloads!

Ever wanted to take your favorite movies or videos on the go? Whether it’s a top-tier Hollywood flick, a catchy Bollywood number, or even a quirky homemade video, Vidmate old version has your back. Say goodbye to scouring the internet for sources; with its free and unlimited downloads, your favorite content is just a tap away.

Vidmate apk download Old VersionSupported on Many Platforms

The versatility of the Vidmate Old Version stands out. You can not only watch a myriad of movies offline but also download videos from popular platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, WhatsApp, Instagram, and TikTok. Think of Vidmate as your all-in-one media companion. Why juggle multiple apps when Vidmate brings everything under one roof?

Stay Updated with Subscriptions

Keep your finger on the pulse with Vidmate’s subscription feature. Subscribe to your favorite creators and get notified about their latest content in real time. Never miss out on the latest buzz!

HD Quality Assured

Nobody enjoys squinting at pixelated videos. With Vidmate apk download Old Version, quality is paramount. Download or stream in high-definition and savor every detail.

Absolutely Free

Here’s the kicker: Vidmate is entirely free for Android and iOS. While platforms like YouTube are shifting towards premium models, Vidmate ensures you don’t need deep pockets to enjoy quality content.

Offline Playback – Videos & Music

No internet? No problem. With Vidmate, you can save videos and music to your device for offline enjoyment. Whether you’re commuting or in a no-signal zone, your entertainment remains uninterrupted.

Ad-free Experience

Pesky ads can ruin a good movie night. Fortunately, the older version of Vidmate offers an ad-free environment. Dive into your favorite content without any distractions.

Data-friendly Streaming

Love binge-watching but are worried about data charges? Relax! With Vidmate apk download Old Version, you can enjoy your shows without any hefty data bills.

A Trusted Choice Worldwide

With a user base of over 2 million globally, it’s evident that Vidmate’s older version has carved a special place in many hearts.

More Features 

Hassle-free Downloads:

Vidmate apk download Old Version Get your content smoothly and without any hitches.

No More Annoying Ads:

Thanks to our ad-blocking capability.

Full HD Viewing:

Vidmate apk download Old Version Enjoy videos in stunning 1080p resolution.

Easy Sharing:

Share those cool videos with friends on WhatsApp and other platforms.

Subtitle Support:

Vidmate apk download Old Version Understand every word with enabled subtitles.

User-friendly Controls:

Whether you want to pause, resume, zoom in, or bookmark, we’ve got you covered.

Unlimited Viewing:

Vidmate apk download Old Version Dive into endless video content, no subscription is needed.

Smooth Experience:

Vidmate apk download Old Version Say goodbye to errors or lags.

Free Image Saving:

Vidmate apk download Old Version Store and cherish those memorable images at no cost.

Functional comparison between the old version and the new version

Both the older and newer versions of our app boast remarkable features, making it a go-to for video download enthusiasts. While the app offers lifetime free access to many of its features, some premium functionalities might come with a fee.

Specifically designed as an APK file, it’s tailor-made for Android users, ensuring they have a protective shield against malware. With the trust and backing of millions globally, it’s not just popular; it’s a staple in many online app stores.

Why choose our app? The daily download count tells the story. We don’t just give you limitless downloads; we ensure quality and quickness too. Crafted for user convenience, exploring its features is effortless for all.

What are the profits and consequences of downloading the Vidmate apk download Old Version

Pros of Vidmate apk download Old Version:

Direct Access:

Get any version of the app straight from third-party sites. With archives of various versions available, pick the one that fits your needs.

No Waiting:

 Say goodbye to the waiting game. Unlike the Play Store, you can download it immediately without any review delays.

Hassle-Free App Management:

 Once you’ve downloaded the APK, it remains on your device. This means if you decide to uninstall the app, reinstalling it later won’t require another download.

Cons of Vidmate apk download Old Version:

Security Risks:

 Apps from third-party sources aren’t typically verified by Google, posing potential risks to your device.

Potential for Viruses:

These APK files can sometimes carry viruses, compromising your phone’s data or even causing damage.

Missed Updates:

 Since these apps aren’t linked to the Google Play Store, you’ll likely miss out on automatic updates.

How to download and install the Vidmate Old Version Apk?

Having trouble spotting our app on the Google Play Store? No stress! Apkdeck is the perfect spot to download it and keep your phone safe. Here’s an easy-peasy guide to get it up and running on your Android:

Turn on Unknown Sources:

 First, jump into your device’s Settings. From there, make your way to the Security menu and flip the ‘Unknown Sources’ switch to ON.

Kick off the Download:

 Dive into your download manager and look for ‘ Vidmate apk download Old Version’. Hit download and let the magic begin.

Set the App in Motion:

After it’s fully downloaded, you’ll be greeted with a couple of choices on your screen. Just pick the one that says “install”.

Hang Tight for the Pop-Up:

 Once you’ve picked it, a little pop-up will hop onto your screen. Give it a second; it’s getting things ready for you.

Dive In and Explore:

 All done with the setup? Just hit the ‘Open’ prompt and get started with all the cool stuff our app offers.

Final thoughts on Vidmate Old version Apk.

Looking for the top video downloader for your Android? Say hello to Vidmate Old Version Apk. With this app, grabbing HD videos from all over the web is a piece of cake. No more juggling between sites or copying links. Just search and download directly within Vidmate. It’s no wonder it’s the world’s favorite video downloader.

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